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Alpha Industries Women Jacket MA 1 VF 59

Alpha Industries Women Jackets/Bomber Jacket MA 1 VF 59 Women


Alpha industries ladies jacket MA-1 VF 59 Wmn
Bomber jacket MA-1 VF 59 Wmn flight jacket nylon
Material: 100% Nylon, Lining: 100% Nylon, Padding: 100% polyester
Do not wash, Do not bleach, Do not tumble dry, Do not iron, Clean with PER and KWL
Slim Fit
Long Sleeve
133009 389
Orange lining
Knit cuffs
Flight day on the left sleeve
Product description
Jacket by Alpha Industries in a green color way, this jacket features a front zipper, two front pockets with button lock, an extra zip pocket on left arm and a distinctive orange lining. The jacket is made of high-quality flight nylon.    Please note: This jacket comes in a Vintage Fit, which is a comfy slim fit. Hence this jacket is a size smaller.  
Alpha Industries
Alpha Industries was established in 1959 and was the exclusive outfitter of the U.S. military, the Navy and the Air Force. The classic military and aviator look inspire many different people outside the army. The Alpha Industries jackets are an integral part on the streets and are indispensable. Stars such as Kayne West, Rita Ora, Bushido and Kim Kardashian are already fans of the brand. Discover the comfortable and stylish looks from Alpha Industries at the Alpha shop of brand catcher
Fitting: Vintage Fit
Fitting: Vintage Fit
Fit: one size smaller 
Outer Material: nylon
Care Instructions: Please note label

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Boxed-product Weight: 1 Kg

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